Course Schedules


Course Schedules


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The UCCS School of Public Affairs is flexible in its delivery of courses, offering both online and on campus courses each semester. The Master of Public Administration, Master of Criminal Justice, Dual Masters of Public Administration and Criminal Justice, and all graduate certificates are available online.

For the Master of Public Administration (MPA), the School of Public Affairs plans to offer all core classes every fall and every spring semester. Half of the core classes are offered online and the other half of the core classes are offered on campus. Each semester the delivery (on campus or online) is alternated. Those core courses offered on campus one semester are offered online the following (excluding summer) and vice versa. Students are expected to complete PAD 5001 within their first two semesters of enrollment. For the Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ), the School of Public Affairs plans to offer either on campus or online core courses.

Elective courses for both the MPA and MCJ may be offered online or on campus. Some students find matching a core course with an elective course works well. The School of Public Affairs does not recommend completing all core courses before enrolling in electives. If there is an elective that you find interesting or is particularly relevant to your degree plan, you should enroll in that elective that semester as specific elective courses are not always offered on a regular repeating schedule.

Please note: Students are expected to complete all core courses prior to registering for the capstone seminar or master's thesis. In no case can any student enroll for thesis hours or the capstone seminar prior to completing PAD 5003 Research and Analytic Methods/CJ 5003 Research Methods.


Military Students and VA Benefits

Military-connected students using VA Education Benefits: please note the very important clarification of Public Law 116-128 below as you register for summer and/or fall 2020.

Summer 2020

  • Online courses that have an OL section number are not counted as in-residence (on campus).  
  • Only online courses that have been converted to online from on campus are considered in-residence. These will have the RL section number for Remote Learning.

Fall 2020

  • Some CJ, PAD and SWRK courses originally scheduled as in-person and hybrid/blended will be delivered online or through a combination of online and in-person instruction due to reduced classroom capacities necessary for social distancing. Students registered for these courses will be notified of the changes via email. These courses will continue to count as in-residence for military connected students using VA benefits. 
  • Online courses that have an OL section number are not counted as in-residence (on campus).

Please contact Veteran and Military Affairs with any questions about your benefits.


Summer 2020 Course Highlights

CJ 1001-RL1 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Schedule: Session B (7/13/2020-8/7/2020) | Remote Learning (100% online)

InstructorKate Angulski

About This Course 

Watch the introduction video

Designed to provide an overview of the criminal justice process and the criminal justice system in general. Concepts of crime, deviance, and justice are discussed and general theories of crime causality are examined. Special emphasis is placed on the components of the criminal justice system: the police, the prosecutorial and defense functions, the judiciary, and the field of corrections.

Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Explore-Society, Health and Behavior.

PAD 3268-RL1 Contemporary Issues in Social and Public Policy

Schedule: Session A (6/15/2020-7/12/2020) | Remote Learning (100% online)

Instructor: Daniel Olson

About This Course 

Examines a number of social policy issues and the social, economic, and political factors that influence policymaking and implementation. Provides an overview of the American system of social and public policy with emphasis on social welfare policy including health, education, welfare (income security policy), and criminal justice. Provides theoretically based models for analysis and presentation of social policy in legislative, administrative, and agency arenas.

Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity).

Prer., Sophomore Standing.

CJ 5553-RL1 Women and Crime

Schedule: Full term (6/15/2020-8/7/2020) | Remote Learning (100% online)

Instructor: Henriikka Weir

About This Course

This seminar explores issues surrounding women as offenders, victims, and criminal justice professionals. Investigates explanations for the involvement of women in illegal activities. Analyzes the plight of battered women, rape victims and other female victims. Examines the participation of women in law enforcement, judicial processes, corrections and lawmaking.