American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA)


American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA)

The American Criminal Justice Association is the only nationwide professional fraternal organization for practitioners and students across the full spectrum of the criminal justice field. 

ACJA objectives are:

  1. To improve criminal justice through educational activities.
  2. To foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies.
  3. To promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues.
  4. To encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice.
  5. To provide a unified voice for professionals in, and students of, criminal justice.
  6. To promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training, and higher education within the criminal justice field.

More information on the club can be found on Mountain Lion Connect.  

Regional Competition Awards 2021

Spring 2021 ACJA Team

The UCCS American Criminal Justice Association competed in the regionals in April, the competition consists of the following:

  1. Written Exams covering, Corrections, Criminal law, Juvenile Justice and Policy Administration
  2. Physical Agility Test
  3. Firearms Competition
  4. Crime Scene Investigations

The UCCS Team was recognized in the following areas:

  1. Alexa Hulmes
    1. 7th place Corrections
    2. 4th place Juvenile Justice
  2. Ben Turechek
    1. 4th place Shooting
    2. 6th place Agility 25 and under Mens
    3. 8th place Corrections
    4. 7th place Criminal Law
    5. 3rd place Juvenile Justice
    6. 9th place Policing Administration
  3. Dimitri Lopez
    1. 10th place Agility 25 and under Mens
  4. Gabriella Desforges
    1. 7th place Agility 25 and under Womens
  5. Natalie Hill
    1. 4th place Agility 25 and under (Women's)
  6. Amy Wellington
    1. 3rd place Agility 25 and under Womens
  7. Kristen Sanchez
    1. 5th place Agility 25 and under Womens
    2. 2nd place Corrections
    3. 10th place Juvenile Justice
    4. 7th place ACJA Knowledge
  8. Robert Morley
    1. 8th place Shooting
  9. Natalie Hill, Ben Turechek, and Alexa Hulmes
    1. 2nd in Crime Scene 
  10. Kristen Sanchez, Gabriella DesForges, Dimitri Lopes
    1. 4th place in Crime Scene 

Read more about the regional competition on the Scribe article


ACJA Officers


Michael Bartels

Bachelor of Criminal Justice, Senior

Vice President

Kristen Sanchez

Master of Public Administration/ Master of Criminal Justice


Faculty Advisor