Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security

Homeland Security

BACJ’s Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security & Hazards Management

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The threats and hazards facing the US homeland are complex and multifaceted and are projected to increase in severity. Contending with environmental disasters, attacks on critical infrastructure and cyber systems, domestic and international terrorism, and public health crises, today’s leaders need to address information, planning, and management requirements that span the public and private sectors. The undergraduate certificate in Homeland Security and Hazards Management will introduce students to these threats and risks, as well as the tools needed to understand, analyze, and help solve challenges ranging from prevention, mitigation, and adaptation to intelligence sharing, emergency response, and disaster recovery.      

The undergraduate certificate in Homeland Security & Hazards Management requires the completion of 12 credit hours across the following courses:

Required (2 courses):

  1. CJ 3400: Introduction to Homeland Security
  2. CJ 3600: All Hazards & Emergency Management

Required (Select 2 Courses from the Following Options)

  1. CJ 2051: National Security
  2. CJ 2052: Introduction to Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, and Cyberwar for Criminal Justice Professionals
  3. CJ 4400: Understanding Terrorism & Intelligence

Successful completion of an Undergraduate Certificate requires receipt of a C or better in each course. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the program series. These courses may be used as electives toward the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (BACJ) degree through the UCCS School of Public Affairs.

Students who wish to earn the undergraduate certificate in Homeland Security & Hazards Management need to declare their intent to complete the certificate. To declare this certificate, you will need to complete the Undergraduate Certificate Declaration form found on our website.  Simply complete and submit this form and upon receipt, we will make note of your intention to complete this certificate in your file and help you track your progress in the certificate.

Upon completion of the last course for the certificate, and once the grade has been posted for the last course (which may occur prior to the completion of your degree) you will need to complete the Certificate Completion Application through your student portal.  Once we receive the Certificate Completion Application we will review it for successful completion of the required courses and then notify the Registrar’s Office to have the certificate added to your official transcript. An actual certificate will also be mailed to you at your address of record.