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Capstone Projects Fall 2020


Spring 2020 Highlights

Kayah Swanson
Kayah Swanson Headshot


Kayah Swanson worked with the Pikes Peak Library District on her project, titled We Keep Discovering New Ways that it Helps: A library social worker can address increased and unique needs of modern public libraries. 

Her readers include: Dr. Kee Warner, Professor Regina Winters, and Teona Shainidze-Krebs. 

Mike Seeger
Mike Seeger Headshot


Mike Seeger worked with the Fountain Fire Department on the project titled Community Paramedicine: A feasibility Study for Fountain Fire Department.  

His readers included: Dr. Kee Warner, Dr. Edin Mujkic, and Fire Chief James Maxon

Craig Williams
Craig Williams Headshot


Craig Williams worked with the Care & Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado on the project titled Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Red (Low Food Security) County Evaluation.

His readers included Dr. Kee Warner, Dr. Terry Schwartz, and Ms. Melony Dowell, Director of Programs, Care & Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado.

Capstone Projects Spring 2020


Fall 2019 Highlights

Rebecca Gianarkis
Rebecca Gianarkis


Rebecca Gianarkis worked with the City and County of Denver Office of Human Resources on her project, titled The Thin Gold Line: Analysis of Emergency Communications Operator Applicant Fit and Implications for Employee Recruitment in Fall 2019. 

Her readers included Dr. Jonathan CaudillProfessor Regina Winters, and Alyx Sparrow from City and County of Denver Office of Human Resources


Kasey Constantino
Kasey Constantino


Kasey Constantino worked with the Colorado Springs Police Department on her project, titled Assessing the Impact of the Colorado Springs Police Department Gang Unit on Juvenile Gang-Related Crime in Fall 2019.

Her readers included Dr. Jonathan Caudill and Dr. Henriikka Weir

Jerome Young
Jerome Young Headshot


Jerome Young worked with The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program on his project, titled Colorado Springs Veteran Homelessness Age 50 and over: Recidivism into Homelessness after exit from “The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)” Program in Fall 2019. 

His readers included Dr. Matthew Caywood, and Professor Regina Winters