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Undegraduate Admissions

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Undergraduate Admissions

The School of Public Affairs admits students into two undergraduate programs: the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice or the Bachelor of Arts in Social WorkPlease go directly to the UCCS Campus Admissions webpage to apply.  All undergraduate admissions, including the UCCS online application form, can be found at UCCS Admissions.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Social Work Admission
  • General Information on Admission Criteria

    Students may declare Social Work as their major at any time following admission to the University; however, declaration of the social work major does not guarantee admission into the BSW program. Generally, first- and second-year Social Work Majors complete general education requirements and lower-division social work courses.

    After successful completion of 60 credit hours, students with a social work major may apply to the Bachelor of Social Work program. After admission to the social work program, third- and fourth-year Social Work Majors complete upper-division courses and a supervised field practicum in a social service agency. 

  • Requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work
    • Evidence of 60 completed credit hours (in-progress coursework will be considered)
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.4 for current UCCS students and transfer students
    • Successful completion of three prerequisite courses
      • SWRK 1001, SOC 1110, PSY 1000 (or equivalent SOC, PSY courses)
    • Submission of a writing sample used to evaluate your writing skills and your readiness for admission to the BSW program.
      • BSW program writing samples can be submitted through the following link: BSW Writing Sample or emailed directly to the BSW Director.
      • For the writing sample, please choose and respond to one of the following three questions; list the question and then your response. Your answer should demonstrate your interest in and commitment to social work, social justice, and social change. Responses should be double spaced and no more than 500 words.
        1. Beyond your personal desire to help people, why have you chosen social work as a profession over another profession or major?
        2. How have your life experiences and identities shaped your understanding of power and privilege?
        3. Reflect upon a time when you’ve had a long-cherished or accepted belief challenged. How did you respond? How did the challenge affect your belief?

    Upon successful completion of the application requirements, students will be admitted to the BSW program and permitted to complete upper-division courses.

  • Apply to the BSW Program
  • More Information

    For more information please e-mail socialwork@uccs.edu or call (719) 255-4048.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BACJ)

Bachelor of Criminal Justice Admission

Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security

Certificate Program Admission
  • Application Process

    Students pursuing the Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security must submit a one-page certificate application to the School of Public Affairs, submit official transcripts, a brief application, and a $50 processing fee to the UCCS admissions office to be admitted as a non-degree student.

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