Careers in Criminal Justice

Careers in CJ

Careers Specific to the Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Graduates of the BACJ program are especially well educated for careers in law enforcement at the local/state/federal level, probation and parole, and corrections, as well as in the rapidly growing area of private security. Students graduating with a major in criminal justice will also be well situated to start a career in the social welfare field, in private law offices or public/state attorney’s offices as assistants, or in regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and in business.

Law Enforcement
Probation Officer
Institutional Counselor
Correctional Supervisors
Parole Officer
Community Correctional Worker
Victim/Witness Advocate
Asset Protection

Job Outlook for those with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

The job outlook for the foreseeable future for those with a BACJ or MCJ is excellent. Crime continues to be a major domestic policy concern. Opportunities in public and private policing are expanding and probation and parole offices are hiring in response to increasing demands.

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice as a stepping stone to further education

There are also tremendous career opportunities in advanced administrative and research for those who obtain a graduate education in criminal justice. An undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice is also an excellent pre-law program for persons planning a career in the legal profession. There are also numerous teaching and research opportunities in public and private universities for graduates of Ph.D. programs in criminal justice.