Cybercrime & Cybersecurity


Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Option Area

The Cybercrime and Cybersecurity option area is a great way to learn about contemporary challenges that face both the public and private sector, including criminal justice and other government agencies. Are you interested in learning about hacking, cyberwar, the application of the Amendments to the cyber world? You do not need to have any technical expertise in computer science or coding. Rather this option area will teach you about the important terminology, legal, policy, and criminal justice agency needs with growing cyber threats and provide a foundation of understanding that you can use in working towards a future career.


This option area requires the following 4 courses (12 credits) to be completed:

What students are saying about these courses

  1. Amy Wellington, BACJ Alumni

    "Intro to Cybercrime not only covers the basics of the cyber realm, but also old-fashion crime. It’s more than technology and you’d be surprised how much this course can apply to your everyday life!"

  2. Zano Rana, BACJ Alumni

    "Cybercrime is a relatively new addition in our modern society knowing how the laws apply to the cyber-world is a journey itself."