Upcoming Name Change

Introducing the College of Public Service

A New Era of Public Service Education

We are pleased to announce that in the Spring 2023 semester, the School of Public Affairs (SPA) will officially become the College of Public Service (CPS). 

This change reflects the expansive range of academic programs and research initiatives that our faculty and students are engaged in and acknowledges the vital role that the college plays in preparing the next generation of leaders in public service.

Details about the Change

Find information specific to future students, current students, and our community.

Letter from the Dean
George Reed

In 2022, the University of Colorado Board of Regents approved the establishment of the College of Public Service with three academic departments: Criminal Justice, Public Administration, and Social Work. The elevation of the School of Public Affairs to the College of Public Service was in recognition of its expanded size, scope, and impact. Additionally, the new name is a better descriptor of the public sector disciplines contained within the college. While the three departments are unique in their curricula and approach, they are united by an emphasis on public service. The transition to a college will be gradual, with completion scheduled in Fall, 2023.  

With five nearby military installations, the old public affairs name was often mistaken for activities related to journalism, community relations, and public information, none of which are contained in our current portfolio of degree options. Instead, the new name, Public Service, better reflects our education and professional development offerings that equip students for careers leading and innovating in fields advancing the public good.  

The College of Public Service retains and expands the good work of the former School of Public Affairs. Our graduates are prepared to enter the criminal justice, public administration, and social work professions where they have the opportunity to transform the lives of individuals and entire communities for the better.

What to Know as a Future Student

UCCS Campus

We hope you will join us in the College of Public Service. Even though our name may be changing, we will continue to offer outstanding programs in Criminal Justice, Public Administration and Social Work as well as continue to provide excellent instruction and a rich curriculum to all of our students.

What to Expect as a Current Student

Students in Class

As we transition to the College of Public Service, you may begin to see our new name appear throughout campus, including in your myUCCS student portal, your degree audit, and even on your transcript.  You will continue to progress through your program and degree plan as you have been, as only our name is changing and not your program.  We hope you’re excited to represent the College of Public service on campus.  We know we are.

To Our Alumni & Community Members

Clock Tower

A passion for public service has always defined the School of Public Affairs. Our new name reflects that passion. We hope you are as excited to be on this journey with us as we are to have you along!

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